Vectors and Mechanics 2.

Libro: Vectors and Mechanics 2.
Autor: The School Mathematics Projet
Editorial: Cambridge

This book is designed to meet the needs of those working at the S.M.P. Further Mathematics section on Vectors and Mechanics. As such it has to serve a variety of users. In particular, sorne will wish to tackle the double subject ‘in
parallel’, starting on the Further Mathematics and the single subject S.M.P. Mathematics at much the same time. Others may prefer to take the subjects ‘in series’, completing the single subject syllabus, and indeed even sitting the examination, before moving on to the double subject. With this in mind, we have shaped this book to suit the former, on the grounds that it is better to have to skim through what you already know, rather than having
to take a large body of knowledge on trust. Anyone with an elementary knowledge of cartesian kinematics and particle dynamics, for example, up to Additional Mathematics 0-level standard, should be able to work through most of this text. Greater knowledge of integration would be helpful, otherwise answers given can onfy be verified by differentiation. Furthermore we have concentrated on getting the basic ideas clear rather than on excessive depth of treatment. Our aim has been to give an intuitive feel for each topic before formalising the work on it. There are numerous worked examples and exercises. Also this has undergone the test of classroom use.