Usa Mathematical Olympiads 1972-1986.

This NML volume contains the first 15 U.S.A. Mathematical Olympiads (USAMO), 1972-1986 with solutions. For a history of various national mathematical olympiads as well as the International Mathematical Olympiads (IMO), see CM! Report on the Mathematical Contests in Secondary Education 1, edited by Hans Freudenthal in Educational Studies in Mathematics 2 (1969) pp. 80-114, A Historical Sketch of the Olympiads, National, and International, by Nura D. Turner in Amer. Math. Monthly 85 (1978) pp. 802-807, and my Olympiad Comer #1-#80, in Crux Mathematicorum 1979-1986, in particular, #3, #4, #8, #58, #68 and #78 (in # 8 there are also references to papers by S. L. Greitzer on the results of the first seven USAMO’s as well as 102 references to mathematical competitioInns)