The Contest Problem Book 3.

Libro: The Contest Problem Book 3.
Autor: Charles T. Salkind-James M. Earl
Editorial: M.A.A.

Problem solving is at the heart of learning mathematics; a student’s ability to perceive, master and work with mathematical fundamentals is greatly enhanced by encouraging him to solve carefully designed problems. A good problem, like an acorn, contains the potential for grand development. The Committee on High School Contests, in this spirit, seeks to extend and supplement regular school work through the Annual
High School Mathematics Examination. First organized in 1950 and restricted to Metropolitan New York, these examinations were sponsored nationally in 1957 by the Mathematical Association of America and the
Society of Actuaries, and later cosponsored by Mu Alpha Theta (1965), the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (1967), and the Casualty Actuarial Society (1971). An important difference between these and some similarly motivated European competitions is that our Annual Examination aims to discriminate
On several levels, and is not exclusively directed to high-ability students.