The Contest Problem Book 2.

Libro: The Contest Problem Book 2.
Autor: Charles T. Salkind
Editorial: M.A.A.

The thesis that selective problern solving can be a vital factor in learning rnathernatics needs no extended. defense. It is irnplicit in the suggestion by sorne curriculurn experts that problerns be rnade the central point of topical developrnent. A good problern, like the acorn, has in it the potential for grand
developrnent. &.
The Cornrnittee on High School Contests, guided by this thesis, seeks through the Annual High School Mathernatics Exarnination-jointly sponsored by the Mathernatical Association of Arnerica and the Society of Actuaries-to extend, to supplernent, and to enrich the regular school work by providing interesting, rewarding, and challenging problerns within a prescribed scope.