Planning and Design of Bridges

Libro: Planning and Design of Bridges
Autor: M. S. Troitsky
Editorial: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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This text discusses the basic principles of bridge design. The book is intended primarily for all engineers, especially the younger ones, who are engaged either directly or indirectly in the design and building of bridges.
Generally, the ability to design bridges consists of a knowledge of the methods of analysis, good judgement, and experience. The history of bridge engineering indicates that bridge design is an area of creative activity for bridge engineers. Therefore, it is necessary to consider certain factors which define this activity. One such important factor is knowledge of the theory of bridge design. At the beginning, designers of bridges were guided by common sense and experience. Further developments were enhanced by knowledge of the theory of structures and properties of the materials. Consideration of different basic conceptions in the bridge design and its principles.