More English Occasions

Libro: More English Occasions
Autor: A. Johnson
Editorial: Longmans

ENGLISH OCCASIONS¨ has been written for the Purpose of increasing the vocabulary of students Who have been learning English for some years. Most of the “new words” were selected from Dr. West’s “Words for All occasions” Some of the reading matter is conversation. Just the ordinary conversation of English people, For English, besides being a difficult school subject That many of the world’s school children have to
Learn, is also the language used by more than two Hundred million people in their daily lives. The rest of the reading’ matter deals with the
Ordinary affairs of people´s lives and is written, For the most part, in a conversational style. A few short stories and jokes have been put in
To liven up the pages. Various points of Grammar and Idiom that Are a frequent source of trouble to non-English speaking Students have also been included, the whole making a mixture that will, I hope, be agreeable to those who have to take it.