Matrix Analysis for Structural Engineers

Libro: Matrix Analysis for Structural Engineers
Autor: William J. Hall
Editorial: Prentice-Hall

Matrix algebra and its application to structural engineering are the main concerns of this book. The material is designed for use both as a text for senior level or graduate courses in structural analysis and as a working addition to the library of the practicing structural engineer.
With the rapid increase in the availability of digital computers in the consulting field and the increasing complexity of architectural and engineering structures, a knowledge of structural analysis in terms of methods suited for electronic computation is mandatory for present-day structural engineers. Matrix methods are particularly well suited for the solution of problems by the use of computers. Most engineering curricula now include basic courses in computer programming and the emphasis, therefore, has been on the analysis in terms of matrices rather than on the development of actual programs. In addition, the authors feel that the inclusion of computer programs tends to outdate
that particular section of a text as advances in computer techniques take place.