Irrigation System Design an Engineering Approach

Libro: Irrigation System Design an Engineering Approach
Autor: Richard H. Cuenca
Editorial: Prentice Hall

The goal of this book is to demonstrate the quantification of parameters necessary for the design, installation, and operation of various types of irrigation systems. The book is broad in scope with different sections devoted to fundamental principles, water application systems, and water distribution systems. Complete books have been written covering only individual chapters in this manuscript. But the goal of this text is to quantitatively demonstrate in a single volume modern design concepts applied to optimizing the use of water resources for irrigation over a wide range of field conditions. The focus will be on the supply, distribution, and application of water for irrigation at the farm level.
This text is directed at upper-division engineering students who have had the normal complement of mathematics, physics, and chemistry courses required in an accredited lower-division engineering curriculum. Practicing engineers working in the area of irrigation system design and operations will consider this book a valuable reference due to the use of demonstrative example problems and to the wide range of subjects covered. Although this textbook demonstrates and encourages the use of computerized solutions to irrigation system design problems, no special computer programming skills are assumed at the outset.