Graded Exercises in Mechanics For As and A2

Autor: Ann Kitchen-Geoff Wake
Editorial: Cambridge

This book provides carefully graded questions in mechanics that start with the very simple and progress to the very difficult. The questions are divided by chapter into topics covering those at present demanded by A level specifications for mechanics modules. Each chapter is divided into four levels of questions: basic, intermediate, advanced and revision. Working through the chapters will build up confidence in tackling examination questions. The questions themselves have been designed to be drawn as far as possible from everyday situations.
The importance of mathematical modeling is stressed in the emphasis on real-world situations. Some questions have fully worked solutions to help with the understanding of key topics. In addition, while many of the questions require a numerical answer, there are a good number which require a fluency in algebra. These will be especially useful in providing extra revision for pure
mathematics. Not all formulae are provided in examinations. Remember that it is worth learning all formulae used within a specification, even those given in the formulae book, as it will save time in examinations.