Fundation Analysis And Design

Libro: Fundation Analysis And Design
Autor: Joseph E. Bowles
Editorial: International Student

This text is intended to present the currently accepted theories and practices of foundation analysis and design. Some of the newly developing ideas are also treated where, in the author’s opinion, they have merit. This book presents material on both the soils engineering and structural design aspects of various types of substructures, for the foundation engineer must be well acquainted with soil mechanics theories and their limitations, in addition to structural design principles. It is generally conceded that foundation design is more an art than a science because of the uncertainties associated with the soil part of the foundation system. This text, however, emphasizes the science aspect over the art, since this seems to be the general educational trend and since art is a product of experience and within the amount of classroom time available is not easily acquired. The limitations and assumptions used in developing a theory or method are pointed out so that the user may, hopefully,
obtain some feeling for the precision of his solution. Slide-rule-computation precision is amply adequate for foundation problems; however, to facilitate checking, numbers should be carried to as much precision as practical, a technique followed in most of the example problems where a mathematically justified number of significant digits is noticeably lacking. The• author frequently used the electronic computer or
a desk calculator for computations, for speed rather than increased precision, except in cases where large numbers of equations are involved; in these cases both speed and round-off errors are important.