Finite Element Structural Analysis

Libro: Finite Element Structural Analysis
Autor: T.Y. Yang
Editorial: Prentice hall

This book is based on the classroom materials developed by the author during a period of fifteen years. ,The materials are for two three-credit semester courses (or three one-quarter courses), one at the junior or senior level and the other at the senior or graduate level. This book is designed to include the following features:
1. It is simple and self-contained. To understand the materials, the reader needs only to have the background of a sophomore-level strength of materials course. Basic references have been well interpreted and digested in the text. Minimal instructional aid or discussion is needed.
2. The level of explanation for each subject goes deeper than that found in most texts. This is a book that undergraduates will feel comfortable reading. Ample illustrative examples, figures, and problems are given. Although it is perfectly suitable as a research reference, it can comfortably be used for a sequence of two undergraduate courses.
3. Throughout the text, examples with figures and numbers are given generously. Physical interpretation and practical application are emphasized; Abstract mathematics and sudden interruptions of explanations are avoided. •
4. This book can easily be understood by a practicing engineer who graduated from college a long time ago and has become gradually less familiar with mathematics. The book is also suited for those practicing engineers who have not been exposed to finite elements either in industry or in college.