Finite Element Method-Basic Technique and Implementation

Libro: Finite Element Method-Basic Technique and Implementation
Autor: Pin Tong-John N. Rossettos
Editorial: Dover

It is written so that it can be used by students in applied mathematics as well as those in engineering departments. The text provides material for a first course in the finite-element method that can be followed by beginning graduate students as well as some senior undergraduates. The illustrative examples and homework problems have been designed so that the book may be used for self-study. The typical undergraduate engineering education,
including the usual matrix algebra, systems of equations, numerical methods, and the rudiments of ordinary and partial differential equations, should suffice as a prerequisite (an appendix on matrix notation and algebra is included in this book). The undergraduate engineering background in such topics as solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer would be helpful, although the manner of treating physical topics in this work is aimed at making them understandable to mathematics majors. Therefore, mathematics departments can use the text to advantage in special courses in analytic and numerical approximation techniques