Engineering Hydraulics

Libro: Engineering Hydraulics
Autor: Boris A. Bakhmetefe
Editorial: Hunter Rouse

Although American technical literature is replete with contributions to the applied science of hydraulics, this country had still produced no comprehensive reference volume on the subject as the first half of the century neared an end. For the detailed principles of analysis required in many design problems, hydraulic engineers had recourse only to college textbooks, handbooks, and office manuals, or to such foreign works as Forchheimer’s Hydraulik, Gibson’s Hydraulics and Its Applications, and perhaps Flamant’s Hydraulique. Indeed, the recent publication of Dominguez’ Hidráulica and Jaeger’s Technische Hydraulik only emphasized the inadequacy of our own literature in this field. Extensive treatises on hydraulic engineering’ had been written in the United States, to be sure, but never a thoroughgoing presentation of engineering hydraulics in its own right.