Differential Equations and Circuits 3

Libro: Differential Equations and Circuits 3
Autor: The School Mathematics Projet
Editorial: Cambridge University Press

This topic book sets out to cover the ground needed for the S.M.P. Further Mathematics syllabus Block 3 entitled Differential Equations and Circuit Theory. It is often the case that pupils studying for a Further Mathematics A-Level have to do so concurrently with their studies for a Mathematics A-Level. In these circumstances much of the Further Mathematics syllabus has to aw¡¡it the development of the necessary groundwork. It is with this problem in mind that the chapters in this book have been written and arranged. The first two chapters are independent of most of the rest of the main A Level course and can be introduced from the start. The first chapter, on Boolean Algebra,
deals with that aspect of the topic which is applicable to the construction of digital computers. The subject is introduced in conjunction with the propositional calculus and concludes with a formal look at set algebra. The second chapter is a development from the first and consists of the application of stylized Venn diagrams and matrices to the simplification of Boolean expressions. It concludes with a discussion of the construction of several! Of the more important components used in a digital computer. At this stage we have completed our discussion of the digital computer. One of the themes of this book is the juxtaposition of digital and analogue as methods of computer simulation, and a brief introduction to analogue computing is provided in Chapter 3, in which the compound units required to do various tasks are developed from a basic unit.