Differential Calculus for Berinners

Libro: Differential Calculus for Berinners
Autor: J. Edwards
Editorial: Macmillan

THE present small volume is intended to form a sound introduction to/ a study of the Differential Calculus
suitable for the beginner. It does not therefore aim at completeness, but rather at the omission of all
portions which are usually considered best left for a later reading. At the same time it has been constructed
to include those parts of the subject prescribed in Schedule I. of the Regulations for the
Mathematical Tripods Examination for the reading of students for Mathematical Honors in the University
of Cambridge.
Particular attention has been given to the examples which are freely interspersed throughout the text. For
the most part they are of the simplest kind, requiring but little analytical skill. Yet it is hoped they will
prove sufficient to give practice in the processes they are intended to illustrate.